Who I am?

You already know my name: Norbert Hense. I was born in Kehl on 20 February 1990. I live in Bodersweier and in Freiburg.

After a unusual school career, which I completed with the advanced technical certificate and the training for technical assistant, I studied Media and Information Science for two semesters. This study I have canceled and have caught up on my A levels in Freiburg. Now I am studying Political Science and Historical Studies in Freiburg.

In 2009 I ran as independent candidate for the European Parliament and the Federal Parliament. At that time, with the support of FÜR VOLKSENTSCHEIDE. For federal election I won 0.4 percent of the first votes – a respectable achievement!

After the federal election, I was politically active during the Zensursula debate within the Pirate Party. In the meantime I was political director of the district association Freiburg and deputy chairman of the state association Baden-Württemberg. Also, I ran for the state parliament Baden-Württemberg in 2011 and the German Bundestag in 2013.

Furthermore, I was active with the Young Pirates. I was a member of the federal executive board. However, in June 2014, I resigned from the Pirate Party and became active in the Green Party. Here I was elected in September 2014 as spokesman of the Young Greens in the Ortenau. On 17 April 2015 I was elected to run as candidate for the state parliament in the constituency Kehl/Achern/Oberkirch.

For the council elections in 2014, I was already a candidate of the Green Party in Kehl. Unfortuately, I didn’t yet gain a seat on the city council.

Besides my political engagement I cross my fingers for the football club FC Schalke 04 and try to go to the stadium as much as possible. In addition, I lead the local Red Cross in Kehl as chairman since 2013. A thoroughly sophisticated office, which, however, granted me insight into many exciting areas. Also, I like to skiing, playing video games, love good films and especially a glass of good wine from the Ortenau.

Clearly you’ll find a lot of information about me in my CV. If you still have questions for me, write me an email, tweet me or like me on Facebook!

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